Friday, September 10, 2010

I might as well

Well it seems blogging is rather popular so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon as well.

It's been a very quick and busy start to the fall.  I love that I can wear my hoodie, and it's dark earlier and I can't wait to get an extra hour of sleep!!!  Let's just admit it, fall is a wonderful time of year! 

So I am working once again at getting my Masters in Public Administration.  My first class started this past Wednesday.  So far so good.  I did feel a little old considering most of the class is filled with 5th year students!  Oh well, it's just nice to be back learning again.

So tomorrow I am going to be meeting my friend Dani of "Dani do it" for a movie, I'm pretty excited to see her and hang out. 

Anyways I am kind of tired from my busy day so until my next blog, keep being fabulous!